The Manifesto of Phyto-centred Design

An invitation to reframe our relationship with the vegetal realm

from phutón, meaning “plant” in Ancient Greek
An interspecific and holistic design approach that looks at plants as allies and not as mere commodities

Inspired by ongoing initiatives of international designers, engineers, artists, writers and philosophers, The Manifesto of Phyto-centred Design is a call to practitioners and the general public to establish a new sense of respect, responsibility and empathy towards plants.

Introduced by studio d-o-t-s in October 2020 - on the occasion of the Plant Fever exhibition at CID au Grand-Hornu (Belgium) - the manifesto is now available as a limited edition poster crafted with care by Swiss graphic designer Matthieu Visentin and beautifully riso printed by Chez Rosi, a small independent workshop in Brussels.

Edition: 1st / 100 hand-numbered copies

Release date: February 2021

Dimensions: 280 x 600 mm

Printing technique: Risograph on 100gr Eos 2.0 paper

Language: English

Concept & texts: studio d-o-t-s

Graphic design: Matthieu Visentin

Risograph printing: Chez Rosi - Brussels

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- Please be aware that due to the printing technique used, minor alterations & colour nuances may occur. Each poster can, therefore, be considered unique
- Every poster is wrapped in protective paper and shipped in a rigid cardboard tube
- Please note that shipping costs vary greatly depending on destinations and typology (tracking / no tracking). When pre-ordering your poster, you’ll be in touch with our team who will assist you in choosing the most suitable solution

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Plant Fever is a project curated by d-o-t-s and produced by the Belgian museum CID Grand-Hornu. Visual identity by Matthieu Visentin. Exhibition scenography by Benoît Deneufbourg